New typeface

With Hungarumlaut you have a competent partner to your new typeface typographical, technical and commercial round coordinated. I develop high quality fonts, that fits to your brand.

Font from logo

Do you need a custom typeface for your existing branding to define you better on the market? I can design a complete typeface with different styles, matching to your identity and logo.

Font engineering

Do you have a typeface but it doesn't work? I could help you in font engineering, checking the spacing, overshoots, fine tuning. I could write you great OpenType features.

Extra language support

Your typeface doesn't speak on so many languages? I can expand the language support, even with non-latin scripts.

Custom styles, added weights

Design variations, completing an existing typeface with added styles or designs. I can expand your single font to a family. Typefaces work better in different weights, widths and sizes.


I can help you with fresh eyes to find the best typogaphic solution to your projects. I could help you with design or engineering advices.